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Garage Door Spring NY: Your Partner To Your Garage Door

One of the most important components of a garage door is the garage door springs. And if it breaks, there are various problems you will encounter. Garage doors can weigh between 150- 250 pounds, which we can all agree, is pretty heavy. The role of the door springs is to counter the force of gravity on the door. It makes the door light enough to lift open by you or the garage door opener. If it breaks, there is a high risk of injuries. But you don’t have to worry because Garage Door Spring NY is here. We will help you to fix and replace the broken springs. We also sell various types of springs, so you don’t have to trouble yourself if you do not know where to find one. We only want the safety and comfort of our customers so you can trust us. 

Garage Door Spring Staten Island NY

Our Various Spring
Standard Torsion Spring - Standard torsion springs are mounted above the garage opening and are often found in a residential area. The metal shaft runs into the center of the frame and supports the springs. If your garage door is light, one standard torsion spring must be enough.

Early Set Torsion Spring - These early set torsion springs are located in the center of the torsion shaft. Around each end of the shaft, near the wire drums, a different type of hardware is placed.

Steel Rolling Door Torsion Spring - These torsion springs are usually found in commercial property and are installed inside the torsion barrel that supports the rolling door.

Torque Master Torsion Spring - These garage torsion springs are perhaps the best of all garage torsion springs since they are sealed within the torsion shaft. They are usually fixed in place by a revolving cone at the ends of each torsion rod. These springs, on the other hand, are rolled using a power tool.

Self Storage Roll Up Storage Spring - Self-storage roll-up doors function similarly to metal rolling doors. These doors can be seen at self-storage facilities. They are also known as mini-warehouse doors, and their length and width vary to your needs.

Garage Door Extention Spring - Garage door extension springs are typically installed along the edges of the garage door. To lessen the weight of the Garage Door Experts Staten Island, extension springs extend and expand as the door works.

Many residential garage doors have only two garage door extension springs, one on either side of the entrance. Commercial doors, and even some residential doors, often have several springs mounted on either edge.

The Garage Door Spring Repair and Maintenance
Base on our experience here at  Garage Door Spring NY, the garage door is opened and closed approximately a thousand times a year on average. A cycle is made up of just one raising and lowering operation. Irresponsibility in garage door maintenance causes the track to become misaligned, the roller to freeze, and the springs to crack, necessitating the removal of the garage door component. Garage door openers will fail, leaving the garage door jammed halfway open. Garage door tracks that are distorted or deformed make garage door activity difficult. Worse, the springs snapped, allowing the garage door to collapse unexpectedly. In certain instances, fractured fragments of closely coiled springs crash into the air, causing property destruction and severe injury.

Why Your Garage Door Spring Break?
Understanding that torsion springs break is probably the most critical safety precaution for torsion spring replacement. Garage door springs are intended to support the massive weight of the door. The high degree of torque required puts tension on the spring, reducing its lifetime.

Here at Garage Door Spring NY our springs are good for thousand cycles. Any period you raise the garage door counts as a loop, which means that heavy use can greatly reduce the lifetime of your springs. Rust will, therefore, greatly increase the likelihood of your springs breaking; thus, take extreme care if rust is present.

Garage Door Spring Staten Island NY

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We Garage Door Spring NY will quickly respond to your inquiry, test the machine, and suggest quality repairs using the best equipment and parts accordingly to improve long-term protection and reliability. We Garage Door Spring NY specialize in a number of different repairs, such as bent springs, defective garage door openers, off-track doors, and much more. Our Garage Door Spring Replacement Cost is lesser than you think, so call us immediately!