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Insulate your garage door

Your garage door gives an appeal and an extra entryway into your house; it's also one of the first details that people notice as they see your home. Apparently, your garage door takes space, and often, extreme temperature sets in need for a heater and cooler. In addition, homeowners would spend a lot of money paying for electric bills. Confusion would arouse any homeowners, especially those who are situated in extreme temperature fluctuations. It would be a good idea to have your garage doors insulated because of some benefits.

Insulated Garage Doors Staten Island NY

There are many ways to insulate your garage, and it can be done by a DIY or having a professional install it. Contrary to popular demand,  wooden garage doors offer more insulation compared to steel doors. Insulated Garage Door Staten Island will discuss some of the benefits of insulating garage doors.

1. Better Energy Efficiency. Insulated garage doors prevent heat from slipping away in the winter and keeps away hot air from coming into your garage on a summer day. A decent amount of temperature in the garage lessens the amount of energy needed to heat up and cool down your home.

2. Quiet Option. Insulated garage doors don't make much sound as compared to standard garage doors. The insulation adds more strength to the door to minimize creaks. Insulated garage doors act as sound buffers minimizing sounds coming inside of the garage, so next-door neighbors won't be bothered when the door opens or closes.

3. Sturdier Doors. An insulated garage door is stronger than a non-insulated door. It withstands the constant opening and closing of the door and can resist damage from extreme weather and kids. Insulated garage doors are also rust-proof due to multiple layers when compared to non-insulated doors. Modern garage doors that are insulated are covered in steel frames sandwiched with insulation, resulting in a lightweight and sturdy form. They have more life span compared to non-insulated doors.

4. More Comfortable Garage and Home. An insulated door makes a lot of difference for both the homeowner and the environment. It can reduce cold drafts that would enter the house coming from the garage and prevent hot air from entering in the warm season.

Installing Insulated Garage Doors
Insulated Garage Door Staten Island believes that installing insulated garage doors can be of value for both garage and living spaces. Having an insulated garage door installed makes a difference in homes latched onto garages, especially with bedrooms near or above the garage. Insulated garage doors prevent the draft from entering neighboring rooms and the entire room above the garage.  

Need to Know Features
R-VALUE. R-value is a unit of measurement used for insulation and talks about the barrier's ability to slow down the passage of heat. If the R-value is higher, the insulation capability is better. R-value ranges from R-8 to R32; most homeowners opt for R-16, which is widely chosen.

U-FACTOR. U-factor is not commonly known and refers to the flow of the heat in the material if the U-factor number is lower and more preferable.

Insulated Garage Doors Staten Island NY

Hiring a Professional

Yes, homeowners can install insulated garage doors. However, there are certain factors that should be known—for example, getting the right dimension of the garage and proper weight installation. It's always safe to call for a professional ​ Garage Door Openers Staten Island​​​.

Installing an insulated garage door can make a difference compared to non-insulated ones. It can contribute to minimizing bills as well as electric bills. Other than functionality, it can have a nice aesthetic appeal to onlookers as they pass by your house and marvel at sight.

Call Insulated Garage Door Staten Island now and get started with your energy-efficient garage doors.